Woodard Langalanga Secondary School

Date started: February 2011

Date handed over: February 2012 but construction work continued until February 2015

Size of school: Designed for 120 pupils to be admitted each year for four years – total 480 pupils.  Currently  425 children have been registered.

One liner:Sponsored by the Woodard Corporation in Britain this magnificent school will take its pupils from five of the feeder schools built by KST in earlier years.  Without this school a great many children would terminate their education at primary level..

2017 Update: This magnificent secondary school now has 435 pupils but far too few government teachers. There should be 26 teachers and support staff but only nine are currently available. This has inevitably resulted in class sizes being double the recommended maximum of forty and this has, in turn, been reflected in the unacceptably low results in the national secondary school exams. Efforts have been made to persuade Nakuru County's authorities to understand the plight and to do something positive about it. The Presidential Elections just held and the subsequent uncertainty about the winner of the race for President, adversely impact on the youngest members in society.

In January 2017 the Kenya Government authorised the Woodard school to be recognised as a 'faith' school within the meaning of the 2013 Education Act. There is little doubt that should KST withdraw its support from this impressive-looking school it would soon sink yet lower. Strong local leadership, unfailing support from the Woodard Corporation, KST and the Kenya Government are all necessary now if dreams are to become reality.

Current status: Founded in 1847, Woodard Schools form the largest group of independent Church of England schools in England and Wales. The founder, Nathaniel Woodard, was born on 21st March 1811.

The proposal was for a Woodard-wide fundraiser involving all schools of the Woodard Corporation to raise sufficient money (£250,000) to build a Woodard Secondary School in Langalanga, in the Rift Valley, Central Province of Kenya to celebrate the bicentenary of Nathaniel Woodard's birth.

The school was built by the Kariandusi School Trust. Fundraising throughout the Woodard schools continued as planned. Further funds of about £120,000 were found to complete the school to a very high standard. It is hoped that the first intake of pupils will be admitted early in 2012.

The Reverend Brendan Clover, Provost of Woodard Schools, surrounded by happy students in front of the WLSS entrance at the opening ceremony celebrations, 07 July 2012.

The Reverend Brendan Clover, and Harry Vialou Clark, chief guests at the opening of WLSS, 07 July, 2012..

WLSS students enjoying the school opening celebrations, 07 July 2012.

WLSS girls dancing at opening day celebrations, 07 July 2012.

Guests, staff and student representatives in well equipped new laboratory at WLSS, 07 July 2012.

Woodard schools who have raised money for WLSS, listed on donors board at WLSS, July 2012.


Water tank cover nearing completion, April 2012.

Phase 2 construction progressing well, April 2012.

Enthusiastic students in chemistry class, March 2012.

School library, March 2012.

The boys and girls proudly spell out the name of their new school. The Derby High Hall is under construction.

2 March 2015, the pupils of the Woodard School take their first lunch in the new all purpose hall.

A real landmark. The first intake of pupils, standing proudly outside the porch of the newly constructed part of Woodard Langalanga Secondary School on the first day of entry to the school, 30 January 2012.