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The TTS Dream Team – Exhausted but not defeated!

TTS Dream Team Raises £5,000 for Kariandusi School Trust

The runners, thanks to everyone’s kindness and generosity, raised an inspiring total of £5,000. I think this has been incredibly successful, considering it’s our first attempt.

I would encourage anyone reading this blog to really think about organising their own 5k or 10k run for KST! It’s a beautifully simple concept, and with the right organisation, and some committed runners/fundraisers, it should build each year.

It took us a few e-mails to get 20 runners signed up, and the efforts of two very well organised and determined people (Yvonne and Michelle at TTS). We set up a Just Giving page (very simple) to make giving money easy. I believe that this event will go from strength to strength in future years.

There are lots of memories for me from the day, as I know there are for all the other runners. The positive team atmosphere, as we all sat expectantly in Starbucks beforehand. Our Operations Director, David Hook, cycling 35 miles to get to Derby before running the 10k, and then cycling 35 miles home again. Everyone’s tales of practice and preparation. A few of the team beating the targets they had set themselves for the race. The pre-race aerobics warm up, with ‘the boys’ looking distinctly uncomfortable and not taking part. The TTS supporters, cheering at various points on the course. The fastest TTS runner, Alex Gill in just over 42 minutes!

This will now be added to the other KST fundraising events in the TTS Charity Foundation calendar – the Charity Ball and the Golf Day. I have always believed that our main KST fundraising efforts should simply involve people doing something they enjoy.

Finally, and most importantly I would like to mention Harry and Alison who continue to achieve such inspiring feats with the Kariandusi School Trust. They always show such genuine appreciation for our fundraising efforts. We always know what our money is spent on, and what a difference it makes!  I am so proud of everyone for making the effort, and for continuing to make a difference! Typical TTS!

Andy Wilson