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St Peter's Huruma is Handed Over

The Kariandusi School Trust (KST) was established in 2003 in order to raise the money needed to construct the new Kariandusi Primary School. One of the essential requirements of the new school, as it is with all the KST schools, was a freshwater tank to provide clean drinking water for the schoolchildren. Impressed by the efforts of Col. Harry Vialou Clark and his wife Alison, Wendy Birrell generously donated the money for the water tank.

Wendy Birrell was to go on to make further generous donations to KST school building projects before her very sad and untimely death in 2007. She also made a bequest in her will to KST which helped significantly to fund a building at St Peter's Huruma Primary School. Her generosity and commitment to KST has helped numerous Kenyan children to a better life.

Harry and Alison VC always encouraged Wendy Birrell's sister and family to travel to Kenya to see the work of the Kariandusi School Trust, in particular the major building and the water tanks that Wendy funded and made possible.

Anne Kay cutting the tape to open the new building

So it was that in January 2011, Wendy's sister, Anne Kay and her three sons spent two wonderful days visiting schools and meeting staff, pupils and parents. They were given a glorious welcome when they opened the Wendy Birrell Memorial Building at St. Peter's Huruma Primary School and were treated to an afternoon of song and dance which was both inspirational and fun. Anne Kay and her sons felt very much that it was a privilege to see first-hand the good use being made of the financial support given to KST and were humbled by the way in which just a small amount of money can make an enormous difference to the children and community.

Along with Anne Kay's great thanks for the work being done and their welcome and treasured memories, her sons also commented that their lasting memories of their visit were:
"Seeing the smiles and excitement on all the children's faces, knowing they have access to education and a much improved school environment with all their friends."
"Meeting Harry, Alison, Anne and Steve and seeing the support they had from both the teachers and parents, because with that all-round support the school will thrive."

Anne Kay with her three Sons