Simba School

Date started: November 2005

Date completed: March 2008

Cost of project: £80,000

Size of school: Double stream school built for 700 pupils

One liner: One of KST's most impressive schools built so far. It can be seen by everyone travelling on the Gilgil-Thompsons Fall road. The old building had two condemned classrooms and all others were incomplete and badly over-crowded. There appeared to be no plans for restoration.


New building

The new school in all its glory in 2008!

Old building

The old school had two condemned classrooms, no concrete floors, no verandahs, few windows, inadequate ventilation and leaking roofs and no fresh water. It did have, however, a remarkable Headmaster.

The new 4 classroom block extension nearing completion.  It was handed over in September 2011.  The two central classrooms have a concertina door so the whole school can gather under one roof, if required.  It may also be used for local functions with hire charges being added to the school’s account.

Simba Class

Vastly improved school classrooms provide an excellent learning environment for pupils and encourage good teachers at Simba Primary School.

Current Status: There are 550 children learning in this school, many of whom were 'Internally Displaced Persons' (IDP) following the post election chaos in 2008. It seemed few, if any, would return to their former homes in Western Kenya. Although some have gone the school numbers remain largely the same due to new children from a new development across the road arriving in ever increasing numbers.

More info: The Handover Ceremony of the main block was held in February 2008. It was a colourful ceremony with the Guest of Honour being the new MP. New housing nearby has increased the number of local pupils at Simba (see above). The magnificent new library is very well stocked with thousands of reading books. The new staffroom has personal desk spaces and lockable cupboards for all members of staff. Mr Wathuta, the first headteacher, retired in 2013. Remarkably the pupils under his leadership were the fifth most improved government school in the Republic in 2009! In his typically generous way, he gives much credit for this extraordinary result to KST. A very capable lady has taken Mr Wathuta's place.

KST made designs and plans for an extension to this remarkable school increasing it by a further four classrooms and a 75 cubic metre rainwater tank. A very generous corporate sponsor donated the necessary funds. In early September 2011 the new classrooms were handed over to the local community.

New Nursery School: In 2013 the idea was conceived to build a purpose-made nursery school to replace the windowless, doorless, mud floored building that had been used for years. Thanks to the remarkable generosity of the parents and children of Port Regis School, Dorset, the money was raised and the two classroom block was ready in record time.

Simba Class

Happy nursery school children in their new, purpose built classroom with their large desks and low benches.

Simba Class

The proud head teacher, Mr Paul Wathuta with Col Vialou Clark outside his new nursery school.