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School Report

  • Kariandusi Primary SchoolKariandusi Primary School
    Opened on 14th February 2005, Kariandusi Primary was the first school to be built by Kariandusi School Trust and gave its name to the charity.
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  • Langalanga Primary SchoolLangalanga Primary School
    Opened in September 2006, Langalanga Primary was the second to be built and is the 'mother' school for the local shanty town children.
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  • Simba Primary SchoolSimba Primary School
    One of the most impressive schools we have built, teaching local kids and some 'Internally Displaced' children from the 2008 post-election chaos.
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  • Murindati Primary SchoolMurindati Primary School
    Opened in September 2008, Murindati Primary is a beautiful school with a well stocked library thanks to the support of a generous donor.
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  • Ngeteti Primary SchoolNgeteti Primary School
    Work on the new school buildings including classrooms for 320 pupils, a library, staff room, offices and stores, was completed in February 2009.
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  • Ndogo Primary SchoolNgumo Primary School
    Funded by Ardingly College celebrating their 150th anniversary, the new school educates many internally displaced children and was opened in February 2010.
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  • Ndogo Primary SchoolNdogo Primary School
    Funded by Ardingly College, UK, to commemorate their own 150th anniversary, the ground breaking ceremony took place in September 2008.
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  • St Peter's Primary SchoolSt Peter's Primary School
    This school was in desperate need of help from Kariandusi School Trust to educate local children. The brand new building was completed and opened in January 2011.
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  • Karunga Primary SchoolKarunga Primary School
    Karunga Primary was in poor condition for very many years. It has now been rebuilt as a wonderful new school and was opened in July 2011.
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  • Karunga Primary SchoolMwega
    In the 1990s Canford School, England devoted much time and effort to this pretty, well constructed school. Sadly, care and maintenance were missing and the school was deteriorating when KST agreed to take it on.
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  • Karunga Primary SchoolWoodard Langalanga
    Sponsored by the Woodard Corporation in Britain this magnificent school will take as a priority its pupils from five of the feeder schools built by KST in earlier years. Without this school a great many children would have terminate their education at primary level.

  • Karunga Primary SchoolKomothai
    Much restoration work was carried out in 2014. This school was the first project we attempted in 1994 with help from the British Army. Restoration was both welcome and overdue!

Map Information
The map highlights the locations of our Primary and Secondary Schools.

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