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Congratulations, Nicholas! Success in the Big Snow Challenge!

Nicholas Walker has successfully completed the Big Snow challenge, raising a phenomenal £40,632 so far. Just in case you wonder what kind of grit and determination it took to achieve such a challenge, read the caption below this picture of our brave skiers. Congratulations and many thanks, Nicholas. This donation towards the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School will help so many children for years to come.

1.15 PM. Ground Hog Day! Back at undressing point for third ascent. Feeling like a spent battery. Have run out of jelly babies. Now wishing Carole would dig me a hole with her shovel, hit me on the head and leave me here. Guides no longer quite so perky at least. Thankfully this is the last leg. The “icy path of certain death” should not be so icy finally at this time of day and if we can just get to the top, we may just be able to get to the bottom. Really important not to injure ourselves in this leg as we risk a very cold night outside.

In the absence of jelly babies, I am hoping a few more donations will come in to get us up this last half vertical kilometer and