Ngumo Primary School

Date started: 4 September 2008

Date completed: January 2010

Cost of project: £90,000

Size of school: Double stream school built for 720 pupils. In Aug 11 there were 496 pupils and in Jan 2015 there were 638 pupils.

One liner: This school has been built on a rocky ridge above the shanty town of Langalanga. Beautiful views across the Rift Valley. Some of the existing buildings have been demolished and many new ones built.


Old building

On the gable end of the administration block are painted the school's motto 'Forwards Ever, Backwards never' and Kariandusi School Trust's logo with the inscription 'Building an educated future for Kenyan children'.

New road

Driving up to Ngumo school.

New road

We had to build a much improved road to the school. No road... no new school!

2017 update: In 2014 a fire swept through the office block ruining the offices, staff room and library. Arson was suspected. By 2017 no repairs have been made. Neither the Kenyan government , parents or this charity are prepared to help until significant changes in attitude are in force.

Early Project Work: In time for the Ground Breaking ceremony on 4 September 2008 the approach road up an almost inaccessible track was much improved thus allowing stores, vehicles and visitors to arrive safely. The perimeter fence was also completed to prevent the zebras, goats, cows and sheep from further eroding the soil and damaging plants and the football pitch.

More info: The project is now complete and was handed over to the local community in January 2010. Some new classrooms had been occupied since May 2009. The school now has 14 stone walled classrooms, a library, staffroom, offices and stores. All rooms are provided with water harvesting gutters, downpipes. A very large 125,000 litre stone water tank delivers drinking water to the water off-take trough. Two additional classroom foundations have been built. These classrooms will be completed when the need arises in future years. All rooms have been provided with chased electricity ducts for use if and when electricity is connected. The roofs have all been painted green so the school is now not the eyesore that it was.

The handover ceremony was long and hot. It seemed political points had to be scored by some of the many speakers. All ended very happily, however, when children and adults were given a very welcome meal to keep hunger at bay. The long-term drought had caused much hardship to all. Soon after the ceremony the long rains started, much sooner than expected, resulting in relief and thankfulness.

In 2011 a group of Madventurers constructed a much needed toilet block. One of the group had raised a great deal of money which has been used to pay for an additional teacher at Ngumo Primary School and another teacher at another KST school.

A playlet warning of the dangers of casual sex performed in front of guests, parents and school children.

A playlet warning of the dangers of casual sex performed in front of guests, parents and school children.

A late, late lunch at last - but at least it is lunch!

A late, late lunch at last - but at least it is lunch!