Ngeteti Primary School

Date started: March 2008  

Date completed: Feb 2009

Cost of project: £50,000

Size of school: Double stream school built for 320 pupils. In Aug 11 there were only 241 children on the roll (see below).

The original school was based on an old colonial’s bungalow (Mr Kruger's and now demolished).  It has a magnificent view of the Great Rift Valley.


Ngeteti School Enterance Ngeteti Class


Top Left: School Enterance;
Top Right: School Class;
Bottom Left: A Madventurer volunteer working alongside a local man on the construction of the new school building;
Bottom Right: Side of the School.

New buildings include two classrooms, a library, staffroom, two offices and two stores. A 75 cubic metre rainwater tank and off-take point were included in the original project and are very valuable facilities for the children. Sufficient new desks and other furniture were also provided. The handover ceremony on 24 February 2009 was a colourful occasion attended by over 2000 people.

Numerous story books were delivered from England and the library is now a major feature of the school and its timetable. A generous Suffolk donor raised sufficient money for all additional text books needed by the school at the start of the 2011 academic year. Internal ‘politics’ in 2010 somewhat disrupted normal school life and the school’s governors were replaced as was the headteacher. KST trustees are watching the changing situation carefully.

Now in 2017 the school is in excellent hands. The KCSE exam results are very high in comparison with other similar government schools. KST has built a beautiful nursery school in the grounds for 60 very young children. In addition the charity provided 40 desks for the new secondary school in the grounds as well as some laboratory equipment.