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An Unexpected Visit

A great great grand-daughter of Nathaniel Woodard made a surprising discovery during a visit to Kenya...

Coming off the tarmac road from Gilgil to head towards the small settlement of Langalanga, our vehicle had to slow right down to negotiate the rough surface, so we had a good view of the many signboards at the junction. But one immediately caught our eye: 'Woodard Langalanga Secondary School'.

With our family associations with Woodard schools in the UK, and the unusual spelling of the name (without the more common second 'w'), we were pretty sure there must be some connection. A quick check on the internet – try Googling 'Woodard School Kenya' – showed us that this was the first such school to be opened in Africa, or indeed anywhere outside the UK...

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Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards and Notelets are sold every year. New cards painted by a Langalanga Scholar are ready for sale please click here to download an order form.

2015 Christmas Card Order Form
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2015 Notelets Order Form
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Christmas CardThis is one example of a card sold in 2012. Profits from the sale go towards bursaries to help educate those children whos parents are unable to pay the full fees. Please help the charities by buying our cards.



St Peter's Huruma is Handed Over

The Kariandusi School Trust (KST) was established in 2003 in order to raise the money needed to construct the new Kariandusi Primary School. One of the essential requirements of the new school, as it is with all the KST schools, was a freshwater tank to provide clean drinking water for the schoolchildren. Impressed by the efforts of Col. Harry Vialou Clark and his wife, Alison, Wendy Birrell generously donated the money for the water tank...

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Woodard Langalanga Secondary School and the Ruitor Challenge Sponsorship Event

Led by Nick Walker, a group of parents, staff, current pupils and alumni from Ardingly College organised and/or participated in a unique ski touring event in the French Alps to help complete the building of the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School in Gilgil Kenya.....

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Congratulations, Nicholas! Success in the Big Snow Challenge!

Nicholas Walker has successfully completed the Big Snow challenge, raising a phenomenal £40,632 so far. Just in case you wonder what kind of grit and determination it took to achieve such a challenge, read the caption below this picture of our brave skiers. Congratulations and many thanks, Nicholas. This donation towards the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School will help so many children for years to come.

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TTS Dream Team Raises £5,000 for Kariandusi School Trust

On 28 April 2013, the TTS dream team took part in the Derby 10k and 3k for the first time ever. In all 20 people gave up their Sunday morning to help raise money for this fantastic cause.

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Published 31st May, 2013

PROGRESS REPORT - Woodard Langalanga Secondary School - February 2013

As I write this brief report in early February there is a great deal of good news and some not-so-good news to tell readers. Starting with the latter first; politics in Kenya is now the main topic of conversation for many. A national strike lasted about four weeks in September 2012 which affected government teaching and medical staff throughout the Republic and slowed down the education of our young students.

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Published 14th February, 2013