Mwega Primary School

Date Started: A few years ago by Canford School, England

Date Completed: Canford left Kenya in 2009

Date KST Started to Assist: February 2011

Size of School: 219 – Single Stream

One liner: Canford School, England devoted much time and effort to this pretty, well constructed school. Sadly, care and maintenance were missing and the school was deteriorating.

Current Status: At this time the progress made at this school has been greatly disappointing.  The crops rarely ripen due to the lack of rain and the negative effects of poor management have not encouraged further KST support. (2017)

For many years this school has been on the list of Langalanga Scholarship Fund schools from which the charity takes its scholars. Their success rate has been abysmal. In 2011 KST decided to look into what help could be provided to lift the educational standards to match our other schools.

We discovered that a new headteacher had been posted in and that the new Chairman of Governors was a man who was both passionate and compassionate. It was clear that the school needed drinkable water on the school grounds. Some of the girls had fainted in class and had injured themselves. Having drinking water on tap at school helped to prevent this dreadful situation but, as a second step, KST decided to raise money for a kitchen and jiku (a solid fuel-efficient stove). These were built and installed on the understanding that the school and parents provided food for the children at lunch time.  It was clear that they would be unable to do so without further help from KST.  A significant donation from a supporter in America enabled a zebra and cow proof fence to be constructed around two acres of the school’s property. Seeds were purchased; a tractor was hired to prepare the soil so planting of maize, beans and potatoes commenced.  Initial crops were disappointing but now there is much home grown food for children’s lunch

We now believe there is real hope for these children. KST has provided two Langalanga scholars as assistant teachers prior to their start at college and university. We look forward to a Mwega pupil winning a Langalanga scholarship on merit in the future.

Mwega PS is now one of the feeder schools for the new Woodard Langalanga Secondary School.  This important new school will provide the missing ingredient of hope for both children and teachers. See below for details.


The whole school turns out to give us a great welcome. June 2011.

The water tank nearing completion in June 2011.  It was completed in September 2011 as were the gutters, downpipes and water off-take point.  Drinkable water at school at last!