Langalanga Primary School

Date started: March 2005

Date completed: September 2006

Cost of project: £85,000

Size of school: Double stream school built for 720 pupils

One liner: This is the 'mother' school for some of the children of the shanty town of the same name. In the last 20 years other schools have grown up within 3-4km to cope with the population explosion.


Langalanga school children hardworking and happy in their new school as the standard of their education rises

Langalanga schoolchildren hardworking and happy in their new school as the standard of their education rises.

Marble plaque

The marble plaque unveiled in September 2006. The format and Biblical inscription is the same in all the schools we hand over to the local community.

Handover ceremony

Handover ceremony in progress. Photo also shows part of this very big and imposing campus. All rooms have chased electric cable ducts in the hope that one day electricity will be available. When that happens we hope adult education will follow after nightfall.

Current Status:Currently (Jan 12) 642 children are taught here. The 16 classrooms are available for use when sufficient teachers are in post.  There are clear indications that the effects of the Langalanga Scholarship Fund (our sister charity) and KST are improving the standard of education. The school is used as the venue for ‘Founder’s Day’ when over 100 scholars assemble to listen to highly successful Kenyans who have important and relevant ideas to pass on to their young audience.

More info:The Handover Ceremony was held in September 2006. A Government minister and about 3000 people were present. Entertainment by the children and those from surrounding schools and speeches lasted over 5 hours!

The school has a magnificent library with thousands of children's reading books brought from England and some bought in Kenya. The staffroom is extensive and each member of staff has his/her own work space and lockable cupboard.

KST has supported this school since handover in 2006 by paying half the salaries of up to four qualified teachers. The parents pay the other half. This very worthwhile scheme worked well but KST trustees feel that the responsibility for teachers’ salaries more logically belongs to the Kenya Government and parents. However, Langalanga Scholarship Fund scholars who were educated at this primary school and have successfully completed their secondary studies, return to act as assistant teachers prior to continuing their education through tertiary level. Normally there are at least two such scholars.

It was encouraging to note that one qualified teacher we supported in January 2007 had done so well that her class was listed 2nd out of 158 schools in Nakuru District. She was given a pay rise by KST!. She moved to the next class with those same pupils and then to the third. Lucky pupils!

The PAC3000 Football Tournament was hosted annually by this school until the finals in 2013. The football pitch was maintained by KST’s generous sponsor from Suffolk, England and Dragoman passengers’ donations paid for the construction of an 80-seater grandstand. The finals were always held in February and it was a very special occasion for hundreds of enthusiasts.  The withdrawal of sponsorship support has left a void which KST trustees believe would best be filled by the local people themselves. There has been no such tournament until now (August 2015).

KST continues to offer support to this important local school in the heart of the township. In June 2015 "Annabel Nursery School" was completed and occupied. Remarkably generous support was given by Nicholas Walker, the nursery school is names after his wife. Over 60 very young children have moved out of their collapsing WWII classroom into a new, purpose-built permanent building. The local authorities will play their part by fencing the area around the nursery school which will add to this lovely learning environment.

Handover ceremony

Annabel's Nursery School Opening Ceremoney.

Annnabel's Nursery School

Annabel's Nursery School.