Date started: February 2011

Date handed over: February 2012 but construction work is still in progress as at Oct 13

Size of school: Designed for 120 pupils to be admitted each year for four years – total 480 pupils.  Currently       233 children have been registered.

One liner:Much restoration work was carried out in 2014. This school was the first project we attempted in 1994 with help from the British Army. Restoration was both welcome and overdue!

Current status: Founded in 1847, Woodard Schools form the largest group of independent Church of England schools in England and Wales. The founder, Nathaniel Woodard, was born on 21st March 1811.

The proposal is for a Woodard-wide fundraiser involving all schools of the Woodard Corporation to raise sufficient money (£250,000) to build a Woodard Secondary School in Langalanga, in the Rift Valley, Central Province of Kenya to celebrate the bicentenary of Nathaniel Woodard's birth.

The school will be built by the Kariandusi School Trust. Fundraising throughout the Woodard schools is now actively underway, and work has begun on the construction of the school. It is hoped that the first intake of pupils will be admitted early in 2012.

Soil level was lowered to prevent damp appearing in the classrooms.

The gutters and downpipes now collect the rain water which the children are now able to drink at school.