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Full Name/Title: Mrs AJ Vialou Clark.

Role at Kariandusi School Trust: Trustee.

About you: Wife of the KST Chairman. Alison is the invaluable and staunch 'right hand woman' upon whom Harry depends for support for all the charity's activities. In both Kenya and the UK, Alison is a tireless and enthusiastic hostess to visitors who are interested in donating significant funds to the Kariandusi School Trust or have shown an interest in helping the charity. Alison also dedicates much of her time to co-ordinating the schools' progress and development.

To help raise extra funds, Alison produces attractive notelets as well as beautiful Christmas cards using the work of art students graduating from the Kariandusi School Trust schools. To purchase these very attractive notelet cards, or Christmas cards complete the order forms and post to Alison.

Alison is an interested 'sounding board' and advisor to Harry on all matters relating to the scholars and their progress through their education. Her time spent on the work of the charity in Kenya and the UK is much valued by the Kariandusi School Trust.

How you aim to help Kariandusi School Trust?: Through my support of Harry in all of his work for the Kariandusi School Trust as well as being a 'sounding board' on all matters regarding the charity. I will continue to provide a welcome in both Kenya and England to all donors, and support students throughout their education in Kenya.

Contact: vialouclark@btinternet.com

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Hon Treasurer
Rosemary Pryce

Hon Auditor
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