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In 1992, tribal clashes started in parts of the Rift Valley with devastating effects. Many Kikuyu villages were burned and the occupants forced to move away taking nothing with them. Slowly, communities resettled in areas like Kariandusi eking a living and building basic homes. In 1993, Kariandusi Primary School was started with just 35 pupils taught in mud walled classrooms. These were still in use when Col. Harry Vialou Clark visited Kariandusi in 2000 with his wife, Alison. Pupil numbers had grown to 135.

School constructionIn 2002, the school roof was blown off and Col. Vialou Clark pledged to construct a new permanent stone-built school. On his return to England he, Alison and Charlie Hopkinson, Director of Dragoman Overland, made arrangements to start up a charity in order to raise the £55,000 needed to construct a new permanent school. Eight classrooms were constructed with a library, staffroom and administration offices and stores. This was the beginning of the Kariandusi School Trust (KST), now registered charity number 1101103.

The enrolment now in Jan 2015 was 567. From their modest beginnings in 1993, over fifteen times the number of young children now receive a good basic education at this lovely school in this Rift Valley community. Additional classrooms were needed to cope with the explosion in pupil numbers so a further four classrooms were built in 2009 and four more in early 2010.

There could be no better reason or encouragement to go on and provide more schools in other communities in the Rift Valley. With Harry Vialou Clark's vision and inspiration, the continued involvement of Dragoman, a dedicated board of trustees and loyal supporters Langalanga was completed in 2006, Simba in 2008, Ngeteti in 2009 and Ngumo and Ndogo in 2010. St Peter’s Huruma and Karunga Primary Schools were completed in 2011 and our work in Mulega was handed over to the local community in early 2014.

There is clearly a need to provide support to secondary education and two projects are under discussion as the Kariandusi School Trust goes from strength to strength. More information about all these primary school projects can be found on the School's page.

The Kariandusi School Trust has already helped change the lives of thousands of Kenyan children. The work continues. KST prides itself on incurring minimal administration costs and passing almost 100% of moneys raised on to the projects in Kenya. The trustees are all volunteers. Your support in any way, small or large, personal or corporate is crucial.

Our Objectives
The advancement of education amongst children and young people primarily but not exclusively in Kariandusi, Kenya, in particular but not by way of limitation by the provision of schools and school facilities and education materials and the relief of poverty by the provision of assistance towards school fees.

Want to know more about the people behind Kariandusi School Trust?

Harry Vialou Clark MBE
Alison Vialou Clark
Sue Phelps

Hon Treasurer
Rosemary Pryce

Hon Auditor
Amanda Cavanagh



The inner courtyard today at the new Kariandusi Primary School, with magnificent Bougainvillea displays

Kenyan children saying thank you in their traditional, happy way