Langalanga Classroom

Kariandusi School Trust is a charity set up for the advancement of education amongst children in rural Kenya, addressing the need for schools by the construction of school buildings and the ongoing provision of school facilities and educational materials in and around those schools.

Kariandusi School Trust was conceived in 2003 to build just one primary school. Motivated by the generosity of donors and the success of the finished project, a further eleven primary schools, five nursery schools and one magnificent secondary school have been completed. The latest project, a primary school for 480 children, was handed over to the local community in July 2017.

In February 2015 the last of the major infrastructure elements of the school, the Assembly Hall, was handed over in a memorable ceremony. There are now 466 students in secondary education, many with valuable bursaries.

Here is an extract from a news story broadcast for Ebru TV on Kenyan television. It was filmed in October 2013 when Harry Vialou Clark and his wife visited Simba Primary School in Kenya to lay the foundation stone of the new nursery building. It gives you an idea of what we do. The building project is being sponsored by Port Regis School in Dorset.

Langalanga ClassroomLangalanga ClassroomLangalanga Classroom